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                This website was developed in honor of the great master of Baroque music, Johann Sebastian Bach.         
            Here you will find a little of his life and work, tips, curiosities and links to download his works. I hope that by doing so
           I may help spread the culture of music, which is little valued in our country.

          Visit the pages, there are some videos and other information that we are selecting in addition to our blog. Join us!
          Occasionally, on the Links page, we will post some concerts in the concert halls of Brazil and special programs about Bach on TV. Stay tuned.

                   To my father Cláudio Vinícius,
                    My mother Maria Helena,
                       And my teachers Anne Schneider and Marjana Rutkowski

                               Visit us anytime and bring your contributions. Spread the culture.


                                                   Carlos Eduardo Gastal







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